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Killer Women

Blade-sharp and pared to the bone, these original stories by bestselling, award-winning female crime writers will lure you to the dark side.

A Little Death

London, 1955. Three bodies are found in a house – but when the police search for the murder weapon, vital evidence is destroyed…

Dying Voices

Dodie Blackstock, child of a multimillionaire, was only eight when her mother was kidnapped. The rescue attempt went disastrously wrong, and no body was ever found. Now Dodie is twenty-nine, and her mother’s body has just been discovered – but she has only been dead for forty-eight hours.

My Best Friend

A quiet Suffolk village, 1944: Fourteen-year-old Gerald Haxton is a lonely boy who regards his still-born twin brother Jack as his only friend…

Hello Bunny Alice (US title: Telling Lies to Alice)

I had the dream again last night. I’m at the bottom of a lake looking through the window of a car… and there’s a skeleton behind the wheel, dressed as a Bunny Girl.

The Lover

It is the autumn of 1940, and London is in the terrifying grip of the Blitz. An unidentified female corpse is discovered in an alleyway in Soho – the fourth to the have been found in a matter of weeks. The women – all prostitutes – have been horribly mutilated.

A Thousand Lies

It’s often said that a picture paints a thousand words… but what if every single one is a lie?

Stratton’s War

The first in an exciting new series of crime novels featuring policeman Ted Stratton set in central London during the Second World War, to be published in February 2008.

An Empty Death

The second novel in the DI Stratton series. Published in the UK on the 23rd July 2000.

A Capital Crime

The third novel in the DI Stratton series. Published in the UK by Quercus on the 9th September 2010.

A Willing Victim

The fourth novel in the DI Stratton series. Published in the UK in May 2012.

The Riot

The fifth novel in the DI Stratton series. To be published in the UK in August 2013.

The Wrong Girl

The Wrong Girl is a compelling tale of the dark side of celebrity obsession, of how we choose the guilt we can live with, and how, despite our best efforts, the past comes back to haunt us all.

The Other Woman

Sophie has an enviable life – beautiful house, successful husband, three children, and a black Labrador to complete the perfect tableau. But all that is about to change.