I had the dream again last night. I’m at the bottom of a lake looking through the window of a car… and there’s a skeleton behind the wheel, dressed as a Bunny Girl.

Playboy Bunny Alice Conway’s world was shattered when her fiancé, famous comic Lenny Maxted, committed suicide. Now, in 1976, Alice leads a quiet, reclusive life in Oxfordshire – until a newspaper cutting arrives, anonymously, in the post, an unexpected visitor turns up at her door, and the dark secrets of the past come flowing back. And a car containing human remains is discovered in a lake…


‘The menace is powerfully managed, and the terror of being trapped by someone by turns deranged and dangerous is vividly recounted… A breathtaking read from a distinctive writer.’

Manchester Evening News

‘Hello Bunny Alice is both a striking evocation of Sixties showbiz life and a tense woman-in-peril thriller… engrossing and thrilling.’


US edition – Telling Lies to Alice

‘Wilson’s prose is clear, her pace fast-moving, while Alice is a triumph.’
Good Book Guide

‘Wilson remains a fine, fluent writer, following no one, marking out her own patch.’
Literary Review

‘It’s engrossing, compelling, and, while the suspense might not quite kill you, it’ll certainly stop you from switching off the lights.’
Daily Record